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When all the teeth have to go.

Removing 32 teeth at once can be a process. There are cases where the teeth are broken down and are considered non functional. I dread having to remove the entire dentition but sometimes its for the best. The next question is why should I come to North Carolina Hospital Dentistry to have my teeth removed. Dr. Vejay K. Ravindran has completed over a thousand hospital surgical cases over the past ten years. When you choose NCHD you have all the experience and knowledge behind you. Look at this case:

This case was referred to me and I was asked to remove all the teeth. I diagnosed the patient with the following conditions:

  1. Poor Oral Hygiene contributing to dental caries

  2. Generalized Chronic Dental Decay

  3. Impacted Teeth

  4. Bulbous Tuberosity Maxillary

When I treatment plan cases I am not looking at the present I look at the future. I know the teeth have to be removed but I want to set my patient up for the next phase.

After removing the teeth here are the following add on procedures I do:

  1. Bilateral Tuberosity Reductions - To facilitate denture primary support

  2. Frenectomy: To reduce muscle pull on the the future denture

  3. 4 quadrants of Alveoloplasty to smooth and remove bony irregularities.

  4. Apically positioned tissue to develop new keratinized (Stronger ) Tissue

  5. Removal of Impacted Bicuspids and Wisdom Teeth.

You can see how experience changes the treatment plan. Do you want to have your teeth removed or do you want to be set up well for the future? Questions, or interested in complex case management and treatment contact Dr. Vejay K. Ravindran at:

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