Medical and Dental Insurance

 Your insurance will be billed for Dental services, Anesthesia, and Wake Med Outpatient Services. All three are separate entities.

 It’s the patient’s responsibility to verify Anesthesia, and Wake Med Outpatient services fee structures.  Please note we can’t schedule your appointment until you have had your insurance verified or made payment arrangements. 

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Dentistry:   NCHD can verify your dental insurance  before the procedure.  

In certain cases NCHD will have to bill you after the visit is completed.  This happens when 

an exam and diagnosis cant be made before the procedure date.  

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  • American Anesthesia will verify and bill your medical insurance when NCHD sends in the OR Case Request to WakeMed.

  •  If you have specific questions about your Anesthesia costs please call American Anesthesia at  919-873-9533. 

  • The CPT Code for the procedure is 41899 and the ASA code is 00-170.

  • The anticipated procedure time is 2-3 hours.  


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Wake Med Outpatient services: Please call the estimate line at 919-350-7808.  Leave a message and they will call back within 48 hours. In your message please tell them it’s for a dental procedure.  Wake Med will send your insurance information to American Anesthesia.  

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If you already have a scheduled surgery date please call the care line for Wake Med Outpatient Services Verification at: 919-350-2273. Let them know that you will be have a dental procedure done.  

How Does this process work?

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Submit the referral form. Expect a phone from North Carolina Hospital Dentistry.  If you would like to proceed, please email a copy of your medical insurance card, to

Complete online paperwork,  and after your insurance is verified select an Operating room date.  

You will need a History and Physical to be completed by your primary care doctor within 30 days of your procedure.