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  • Do you accept Medicaid /Medicare?
    Yes. We can file your insurance with Medicaid. Medicare will not be accepted by most hospitals.
  • Will my insurance pay for my hospital visit?
    There are three billable services for hospital dentistry. All three services are independent and have no affiliation, no financial interest, and no business interest. The best way to answer your question is to send in your medical insurance card, dental insurance card, health history form to Most insurance plans require a pre-authorization prior to the procedure. For further information contact the following organizations: Anesthesia Insurance verification please call 919-873-9533 for insurance verification. WakeMED outpatient services : please call the estimate line at 919-350-7808. Leave a message and they will call back within 48 hours. In your message please tell them its for a dental procedure. Medicare will not pay for most hospital, anesthesia and dental procedures. NCHD is not an in-network provider for most dental insurances.
  • Can you file my dental insurance?
    We will provide a list of codes that can be billed. We ask that you file your insurance. Some insurances dont require a pre authorization and the situation varies. Please note that we are not in network will most insurance companies. Questions please email us.
  • How long do I have to wait for a surgery date?
    The ideal time is 30 days out. The OR schedule fills up fast and the next opening maybe a month away.
  • I am in pain and need an urgent visit.
    North Carolina Hospital Dentistry can see if there are after hours openings, but we do charge an emergency fee for this. If you are in dental emergency please email us asap at
  • Why choose North Carolina Hopsital Dentistry?
    Personal Concierge service / NCHD will dedicate one personal coordinater to work with you during the entire process. All consultations are held online. This allows for individuals all over NC to have their consultations done from their own home. Dr. Vejay Ravindran is a Comprehensive Dentist with a Masters degree, and is trained for Hosptial Dentistry. Dr. Ravindran has worked several cases with Oncologists, Cardiologists, Anesthesiologists, and other physicians. With his experience he can identify optimal solutions for you. Dental Materials choosen by Dr. Ravindran are ideal for each situation. We place materials, and use equipement that is effective, modern, and durable.
  • What is the first step?
    Fill out the Referral form or have your primary care doctor, or family dentist do this for you.
  • Do you see kids?
    Yes Dr. Ravindran will treat kids. Dr. Ravindran has over ten years of experience treating kids, adults, medically compromised, and individuals with dental anxiety.
  • Where are you located?
    Dr. Vejay Ravindran DDS, MS works in Raleigh, NC. The office of North Carolina Hospital Dentistry is a virtual tele-dentistry center. All surgeries are performed at WakeMed Hospital (New Bern Ave). If you require an in-office consultation this can be set up as well.
  • What is Day Surgery?
    Day surgery is an admission term used at Hopsitals for procedures not requiring overnight stay. To learn more about Day Surgery procedures please click on the link:
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