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Hospital Dentistry Services in North Carolina

Hospital Dental Services in North Carolina

Whether due to the complexity of the operation, the need to include other sub-specialties in the surgical treatment, or the use of special equipment and general anesthesia, it is very common nowadays for various dental treatments to be performed in the operating rooms of a hospital.

This is why we are very happy to inform you that we, at North Carolina Hospital Dentistry (NCHD), can fulfill all of your hospital dental requirements in the best possible way due to the presence of dental experts such as Dr. Vejay K. Ravindran, an experienced hospital dentist who has worked in several healthcare centers, including WakeMed, Martin Army Hospital, and Womack Army Hospital.

The incredible location: Raleigh, NC, offers many North Carolina’s residents the possibility of undergoing this type of surgery, if needed. From Wilson to Currituck, from Bolivia to Wentworth, or from Beaufort to Boone, every North Carolinians has access to this facility.

This means that general dental and medical practitioners from Raleigh, Lumberton, Apex, Sylva, Highpoint, Durham, Burlington, or Chapel Hill can refer their patients to North Carolina Hospital Dentistry for a specialized consultation and/or treatment, especially in the case of a complex operation requiring in-hospital observation for several days.

In addition, residents of Asheville, Greenville, Sanford, New Bern, Garner, and Clayton, to name a few, can enjoy the many benefits of undergoing such type of surgery, which include:

  • Being managed by certified health professionals with years of experience in the field.

  • Have available a series of specialized tools and equipment used to make the procedures easier.

  • Being operated in a sterile environment free of pathogenic microorganisms.

  • Comprehensive Dentistry: Oral Surgery, Fillings etc.

Another benefit that North Carolinians coming from Durham, Cary, Pittsboro, Fayetteville, Rocky Mount, Greensboro, and many more cities can enjoy has to do with the use of general anesthesia, being administered for a better handling of each dental case.

By being a strong and safe sedation method, it is capable of putting the patient in a sleep-like state that allows he/she to be as comfortable as possible, completely eliminating the chances of having a painful and traumatic dental experience.

We believe that patients need to feel understood and safe, therefore we base our services respecting the principles of comprehensive care, which allows each patient to receive the proper dental procedure following the right clinical guidelines to increase the chances of a positive outcome.

By scheduling an appointment with us over at North Carolina Hospital Dentistry (NCHD),

we can make you return to your daily activities with a big smile and in the shortest

possible time thanks to our excellent team of experts.

So, schedule your appointment at and

you will receive the proper attention your case requires.

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